1. How do I know that my order has successfully been placed?


Once you have finished your order you will receive within 24h a confirmation e-mail with your order number.

2. Can I change or get a refund for an order after placing it?


If you wish to change or modify an order after placing it and before receiving it, you should contact customer service at hello@milkychoice.es and they will confirm if the order can be modify.

If you have received the order and you wish to change the items you should send an e-mail to hello@milkychoice.es with your details. Within the next 15 days you will be able to return the products and receive the new items.

Milky Choice does not offer refunds for placed orders. If you do not wish to purchase any item at the time, you will get a purchase voucher to be spent within the next 3 months from the initial purchasing date.


3. How can I contact Milky Choice customer service?


You can send an e-mail to hello@milkychoice.es any time. We will get back to you within 48h hours during week days.

Allow us up to 72h during the weekends.


4. Can I get Milky Choice products in any point of sale or through other retailers?


During this first season Milky Choice will only be available on www.milkychoice.com

You can find our collection on Instagram @_milkychoice_

If you have any other enquires you can send an e-mail to hello@milkychoice.es